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Creative Lunch Ideas for Back to School

It’s that time of year where kids will be heading back to school. So as parents struggle to get kids back on a sleep schedule for the start of school, I’d like to take a moment to suggest how to get kids to eat a healthy lunch. It’s been shown that kids tend to eat more foods when there is plenty of color and when it is in fun shapes. So how do you accomplish this?

· First, spend some money on a good insulated lunch box. Let your kids help to pick out the lunch box. If they like it, they will want to take it to school.

· Second, invest in some food cutters. There are so many cute cutters and food picks at cuteZcute.com. Also, check Amazon and Walmart for more options of food cutters and silicone cup dividers.

· Third, let kids play with their food. In the September issue of Food Network Magazine there is a brief article that says, “Playing with food helps kids become familiar with different textures, which can make them more likely to try new foods.”

· Fourth, involve the kids in preparing their lunch. Now this may sound like a monumental task, but when you go to prep dinner you usually give your kids a distraction. Perhaps that distraction could be providing them with some cheese, meat, vegetables, and bread to cut into shapes for their lunch. If you don’t have time in the evening to prep lunches, consider prepping on the weekend.

Check out some ideas on my Pinterest https://www.pinterest.com/wholenutrition/kids-lunch-snack-ideas/


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