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Welcome to the 28-Day Nutrition Kickstart Program!

Included in this course:

· A 45-minute kickoff meeting! (Live, via Zoom. Recorded in case you miss it.)

· 4 weekly prerecorded online course with instructions for the following week, plus recipes, shopping lists and more!

· Exclusive access to my private Facebook group for support and encouragement

This course is being offered to my first online group for just $49!

Prices for this course will never be this low again!

Some changes that attendees have reported in just 28 Days:

· Weight loss

· Lower BMI

· Lower visceral fat

· Lower percentage body fat

· Increase in muscle percentage

· Loss of inches

· Improvement in arthritis (inflammation) symptoms

This course is being offered to my first online group for just $49!

Prices for this course will never be this low again!

This program is a “hands-on” course designed to help you learn about nutrition and make changes to your lifestyle.

This program is for you:

· If you consume the Standard American Diet

· If your meals primarily come from a box or a fast-food restaurant

· If you want to learn to eat healthy

The 28-day Nutrition Kickstart program is based on REAL food. There are no supplements to purchase. I want you to see the changes in your body just by changing your diet for 28 Days.

The 28-Day Nutrition Kickstart Program was developed in 2012 and was taught at Garmin International, Awaken Whole Life Center, and various private locations.

If you are ready to make some changes, I am ready to support you along the way.

E-mail me at kcwholenutrition@gmail.com for details.

Not convinced that this program is right for you. Here are some testimonials from some that have taken the course in the past:

“Barb Hamilton's 28 Day Nutrition Kickstart program is amazing. I have not felt this good or achieved such positive results so quickly.”

K. Kimberlin

“Working with Barbara as a nutritional coach is fantastic. Her approach to health and wellness is just what I was looking for. Focus on healthy lifestyle, eating whole foods, and exercise is a total approach to wellness. I love the resources and education. It will be easy to recommend her to others.”

D. Foster

“This week, I have ‘before’ and ‘after’ Garmin Wellness screening numbers for the past nine months (May-January) of real food consumption and all my key numbers have improved.

I’m particularly interested in the HDL number that I’ve been struggling to get to 50 for the past ten years. I’ve done everything the experts told me to do to raise that number including heavy exercise, Omega 3 Fatty Acids (Fish Oil), Flax, etc…, but nothing really helped much. I’ve only been able to raise it about 2-3 points in ten years. However, since eating real food, the number skyrocketed from 33 to 46 in nine months. That’s really great!

I formerly thought I ate healthy because I ate the public health recommended “low fat” diet, but I learned from you that wasn’t the case. Now that I’m consuming only real food (in the right proportions even), I feel so much better and the numbers above show that I’m actually healthier too. Thanks for your help.”

S. Davis, Garmin Associate

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