Learn how to boost productivity, decrease absenteeism and improve health in the workplace.

All classes are currently offered online at https://academy.pausefirst.com/

All classes are currently offered online at https://academy.pausefirst.com/

My passion is educating people about food!

Somewhere along the path, we have lost our knowledge of what it means to eat healthy. Healthy eating does not mean deprivation, restraint, willpower, or counting calories, carbs, or fats. Healthy eating can be simple and, yes, even enjoyable—you just have to know WHAT to eat.


I believe in keeping things simple, educating others about the benefits of proper nutrition, and crafting a lifestyle that fosters and celebrates wellness. It’s important to me to help people understand the benefits of proper nutrition, rather than offer quick fixes or fad diets that simply mask symptoms and backfire later. I show people how to age successfully and how to regain their health. I tailor nutrition plans to each client and combine listening, supportiveness, and patience with my knowledge of nutrition and its effects on health, meeting each person where they are in order to guide them to a healthier future.

--Barb Hamilton, Master Nutrition Therapist

What People Are Saying

This week, I have ‘before’ and ‘after’ Garmin Wellness screening numbers for the past nine months (May-January) of real food consumption and all my key numbers have improved.
I’m particularly interested in the HDL number that I’ve been struggling to get to 50 for the past ten years. I’ve done everything the experts told me to do to raise that number including heavy exercise, Omega 3 Fatty Acids (Fish Oil), Flax, etc…, but nothing really helped much. I’ve only been able to raise it about 2-3 points in ten years. However, since eating real food, the number skyrocketed from 33 to 46 in nine months. That’s really great!

I formerly thought I ate healthy because I ate the public health recommended “low fat” diet, but I learned from you that wasn’t the case. Now that I’m consuming only real food (in the right proportions even), I feel so much better and the numbers above show that I’m actually healthier too.

Thanks for your help,
S. Davis, former nutrition student

Not a Corporation?

Check out Nutrition Video Series for Individuals


Individuals can now take this course online at https://academy.pausefirst.com/ 

Don’t miss an opportunity to Kickstart your healthy eating. I’ve spent the last six years in the corporate world presenting my 28 Day Nutrition Kickstart. In four sessions and 28 days I show you how simple it can be to eat healthy without counting calories, protein, carbs or fats. I provide you with a general shopping list that tells you what you CAN eat instead of what you can’t eat.  Suggested recipes and shopping lists are also provided to make the transition as simple as possible. The only thing I don’t provide is the actual food.

“Having experienced Barb’s corporate classes and one-on-one nutrition counseling, I would highly recommend Barb Hamilton’s 28 Day Nutrition KickStart videos. Barb’s education, experience, and in-depth understanding of nutrition are unparalleled.  Her approach is non-judgmental and easy-going.  Finally!  Nutrition education I can actually understand!  Barb helped me make dietary changes that are doable and permanent.”


Kim Colegrove, former client & student


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